LUX ELEMENT & HTSF partner at the Interbad - impressions [27.10.22]

Luckily there are face-to-face trade fairs again :-)

We are pleased to be able to present our innovations for the spa sector together with our partners from the Hydrothermal Spa Forum at Interbad 2022.

Do you want to know which products to expect?

Watch this video!

All further information about the Hydrothermal Spa Forum can be found on the website:


From minute 2:17 you can see the new products from LUX ELEMENTS


Information about our new spa showers can also be found at:

The HTSF is represented at the Interbad by the companies:

  • WDT Werner dosing technology
  • hygromatic
  • Sommerhuber
  • SnowBOX
  • Immodest

Meet us in Paris at the Idéobain 2024, Stand H2.2-J066, Sep 30 - Okt 03,2024

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