The basis - Quality with the environment in mind

The basic product for our hard foam support elements is LUX ELEMENTS®-FOAM, a moisture-resistant, high-quality, blue coloured, expanded polystyrene hard foam (EPS) with high density. Foam production takes place on the works own plant with an environmentally friendly method without the use of harmful foaming agents such as e.g. CO2. Large-volume blocks are made by means of this procedure, from which the most versatile shapes can be cut, from the simple construction panel to complex components.

This hard foam is then coated on both sides with a special mortar coating, thus forming an ideal mineral subsurface for usual covering materials used in damp rooms, such as tiles or plaster. In order to increase stability a glass-fibre fabric is additionally embedded in the mortar coating.

The basis PDF-Document (4.1 MB)

For almost 30 years, hard foam support elements from LUX ELEMENTS have been successful in practical use and have proved themselves there to this day. As a modern building material, the ORIGINAL must fulfil high requirements. This includes always meeting current technical standards and trends and being flexible. This is why we place great importance on continuous development of the ORIGINAL and the extension of a modern, system-oriented product range.

NOTE: The information of this website comply with the current state of knowledge. No legally binding information, we reserve the right to make technical changes. During application, the particular conditions of each case must be considered, particularly with regard to building physics, building technology and building regulations.

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