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The family-owned company LUX ELEMENTS is an experienced specialist in the production of polystyrene hard foam and its further processing into secure substrates for bathrooms and wellness areas.

The Original -

A modern building material which, as well as being environmentally friendly, makes bathroom design and renovation unbelievably flexible.

For the sake of the environment, the company has been using a manufacturing process without the use of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or CO2 propellant gases for more than two decades.

The product range is based on the ground-breaking invention of company founder Herbert Lux, patented in 1981: 'The Original' – a support element with a core of expanded polystyrene hard foam (EPS) and double-sided mortar coating in which a stabilising glass fibre fabric is embedded.

Starting from the construction panel in different thicknesses, the range has been constantly developed and expanded. Today, LUX ELEMENTS offers complete systems for bathroom and shower, private spa and wellness.



Solutions for modern building design

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