The ‘Systems for Wellness‘ product range was developed on the basis of LUX ELEMENTS' decades of experience in international wellness facility construction. It includes products for the design and installation of individual spa and wellness projects in both the public and private sector.

Modular room constructions

MODUL-ROOM are modular building kits for standardised room constructions with vaulted roofs. Flexibly usable, e.g. as steam bath or cold room, in both the private and public wellness area.

Individual room constructions

CONCEPT - Individually planned room constructions made of hard foam support material.

Decorative elements

DECO are decorative elements of hard foam support material, with which products of LUX ELEMENTS as well as rooms, walls, corners etc. can be equipped, cladded or supplemented.

Relaxation loungers

RELAX-RL are relaxation loungers comprising hard foam support material, optionally with or without heating in different design variants.

Shower units

RELAX-RD is a building kit for a round shower. RELAX-SD is a building kit for a curved shower.

Partition walls

RELAX-TW - are prefabricated shower partition wall elements.

Bath tub construction kits


RELAX-BW are tileable bath tub construction kits made of hard foam support material, including drainage. A variety of possibilities is offered, according to the inlay elements used.



RELAX-NI are prefabricated niches.

Bench seats

RELAX-BA are bench seats for the shower area.


Individual, special manufacture for each product group

In addition to standard products, also individually tailored and specially
manufactured products are available under the designation ‘PLUS‘.

Sizes, shapes, thicknesses etc., that deviate from standard features can be
inquired from LUX ELEMENTS. After successful verification of implementation
possibility at LUX ELEMENTS an appropriate offer will be prepared. Once an
order is placed, it will be manufactured and delivered accordingly.

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