Pipe cladding elements – TEC

TEC are prefabricated cladding elements made of polystyrene hard foam with mortar coating and glass fibre fabric on both sides. Suitable for vertical and horizontal claddings in corners or on straight surfaces.

Standard-compliant substrate without further sealing for private shower areas according to DIN 18534



TEC-KA ...
– angular pipe cladding element


TEC-U ...
– U-shaped pipe cladding element

Application areas


In corners or on straight surfaces

TEC cladding elements can be used in wet rooms, living areas, in the basement or in the attic storey, e.g. for cladding of

  • conduits and pipes
  • joists
  • girders and beams
  • columns

The installation – TEC cladding elements


TEC cladding elements can be used everywhere in interior decoration. Installation is simple and fast.

  • Cut the pipe cladding element to size
  • Apply adhesive COL-MK to the edges
  • Apply the pipe cladding element, allow to dry and then tile

Product specifications

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