From planning to finished item – CONCEPT

Often, it starts off just as an idea, sketch or roughly outlined requirements. Our job is to help find the solutions for the details during the planning phase.

You can give free rein to your ideas at the planning stage. The modern, flexible production methods at LUX ELEMENTS make it possible to produce large items and a wide range of shapes.

We will be glad to put your planning into practice using DWG data (CAD, 2D, 3D). Please observe these rules.

We produce according to the customer's specifications or develop with you customer-or object-based solutions. When it comes to carrying out the work later on, it is of great benefit that we can carry out all the stages of production on our premises, from the production of foam and cutting work to layering and any further processing. This not only provides scope for flexibility, but also guarantees quality.

Multiple shapes – unique and sophisticated

Hard foam support elements from LUX ELEMENTS enable you to create entire rooms or areas for wellness and spa facilities: for example, steam baths, hamams, tepidariums, caldariums or even ice rooms. Moreover, the material can be used to create structural refinements such, domed roofs. Its individual design makes every room or area exclusive. Round shapes are also possible.

Cut into segments which fit together precisely and which can be assembled on site within a short time, even large objects can be constructed quickly.

The final surface design of the hard foam support elements with selected plasters or ceramics produces an individual room or area, which radiates a feeling of comfort and harmony.


  • Idea, sketch or detailed draft from customer
  • Assistance from LUX ELEMENT regarding detailed questions
  • Preparation of a technical drawing for approval with 3D view at LUX ELEMENTS
  • If necessary LUX ELEMENTS will carry out static calculations
  • Manufacture of the individual components exactly in accordance with planning specifications
  • Test assembly at LUX ELEMENTS and numbering of the components
  • Delivery to the building site in segments
  • Assembly by installer


Idea, sketch

Technical drawing

Step 1 - Idea and planning

You have an idea, a sketch or detailed plan. We help you with the details and submit an offer.

3D display

Structural analysis

Step 2 - Order and production

You place the order with us. On the basis of your plans we prepare a technical drawing for approval. You check and approve this. We produce the individual components and test the assembly to check the fitting accuracy.

All the parts are numbered

The prefabrication of the elements


Your object

Step 3 - Assembly and arrangement

We deliver the products to the site, if necessary in segments. We also deliver appropriate fitting accessories as part of the order. You carry out the installation.

All prices, also for delivery and if appropriate assembly, are available on request.

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