The expanded hard foam supporting element

The polystyrene hard-foam is made at our own production plant in France without using CFC, HCFC, HFC or CO2 propellants.

1. The cut

Cutting the construction panel in various thicknesses.

2. Mortar

Mortar is used in two layers for coating the panel: a contact layer of mortar and a coating layer of mortar.

3. The glass-fibre fabric

During coating the glass-fibre fabric for reinforcement is applied between the contact mortar layer and the coating mortar layer.

The structure of the original

1. Polystyrene hard-foam
2. Contact mortar layer
3. Glass-fibre fabric
4. Coating mortar layer


The ELEMENT is thus formed from the basic material as a universally applicable construction panel as well as providing the following prefabricated system building kits for indoor and outdoor use - ready for tile covering:

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