Adhesives – COL

LUX ELEMENTS®-COL are adhesives for attaching, laying, bonding, gluing and mounting of LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam support elements:


Primer – COL-HSV
Primer – COL-HSV

LUX ELEMENTS®-COL-HSV is a solvent-free dispersion primer, primarily suitable for wooden substrates

  • for priming absorbing substrates
  • as a preliminary wash primer for smooth and sealed substrates
  • as moisture protection for calcium-sulphate bonded substrates

Tile adhesive

Tile adhesive
Fixing adhesive

LUX ELEMENTS®-COL-AK is a ready-mixed dry mortar for the attaching and adhesion of LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam support elements. COL-AK is:

  • stable, fast bonding, frost-proof, waterproof
  • low on chromate in accordance with EC directive 2003/53/EC.

Mounting adhesive

Mounting adhesive – COL-MK
  • suitable for the gluing of LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam support elements both to one another and to wood, wood materials, various metals, stone and ceramics.
Mounting adhesive – COL-MK
  • elastic when set, i.e. it is very well suited for stress-compensating bonding.
  • also adheres in the presence of water (not underwater areas) and offers additional security here with waterproofing function.
  • adheres to numerous substrates.

LUX ELEMENTS®-COL-MK is a moisture-curing, 1-component adhesive based on silane-terminated polymers:

Product specifications

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