Individual room constructions – CONCEPT-ROOM

Individually planned room constructions made of hard foam support material. We produce according to the customer's specifications or develop with you customer- or object-based solutions. The room constructions are used both as hot air areas, e.g. steam baths, and as cold areas.

From planning to finished item


Hard foam support elements from LUX ELEMENTS enable you to create entire rooms or areas for wellness and spa facilities.



A building kit from the CONCEPT-ROOM product group.

Technical information

The method of construction for the connection of the individual components ensures particularly high stability

Wall elements


CONCEPT-ROOM-WA – Wall construction as kit.

The floor


CONCEPT-ROOM BO/UBO – Floor- and substrateelements

The roofs


CONCEPT-ROOM-DA... – Different roof design variants

Loungers, seats and benches


CONCEPT-BA-... – For outfit purposes, there is a choice of nine seat design variants.


Accessories – Glass door ESG 8 mm, custom-made, or standard size, Aluminium door frames, custommade, Door knob similar to stainless steel, Stainless steel handle bar brushed.

Mounting kits (KITs)

Various Mounting kits for wall and floor constructions.

Glass and profile construction

A glass front – with glass door or glass windows – offers individual room constructions the greatest transparency.

The individual concepts

We realise your ideas, conceptions and individual components.

Lighting and Heating

A pleasant feel-good atmosphere can be created in rooms with subdued lighting and seats at the right temperature.

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