Individual dream bathrooms can be designed to any wishes with LUX ELEMENTS hard foam support elements. The products are used nearly everywhere in the bathroom. Each bathroom becomes unique thanks to the final surface finish with ceramics or plaster, depending on your personal taste.

Universal construction panel


ELEMENT-EL is a support element made of polystyrene hard foam with mortar coating and glass fibre fabric on both sides.

Pre-slit construction panel


ELEMENT-SQ/SL is a pre-slit construction panel for the design or cladding of round shapes.

Multi-functional construction panel


ELEMENT-VK is a factory-sealed support element with vapour barrier properties.

Construction panel for underfloor heating


FLOOR-WH F is a hard foam support element with milling for installing underfloor heating pipes under ceramic surfaces

Installation cladding


TEC are prefabricated elements in an angular or U-shape for the cladding

Cladding of pre-wall installation systems


TEC-VWD are pre-fabricated elements for the cladding of pre-wall installation systems.



LAVADO-FLOAT are tileable washstands with hidden mounting in the wall for “floating“ design.

Bath and whirlpool surrounds


TOP-TR... is a cladding for standard steel and plastic bath tubs. Ready for tiling, suitable for all installation situations.


TOP-WP is a completely removable cladding for whirlpools in four different sizes or made to measure.


Individual, special manufacture for each product group

In addition to standard products, also individually tailored and specially
manufactured products are available under the designation ‘PLUS‘.

Sizes, shapes, thicknesses etc., that deviate from standard features can be
inquired from LUX ELEMENTS. After successful verification of implementation
possibility at LUX ELEMENTS an appropriate offer will be prepared. Once an
order is placed, it will be manufactured and delivered accordingly.

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