The basis - Working with hard foam support elements

The new generation of environment-friendly hard foam support elements is more than a construction panel in different thicknesses. It is a modern building material which, due to its excellent physical characteristics in combination with very good processing ability, creates freedom for planners, designers, craftsmen and> companies who do not want to be limited by conventional methods.

LUX ELEMENTS®-ELEMENT-EL  is a polystyrene hard foam support element finished on both sides with glass-fibre reinforced mortar with blunt edging in eleven thicknesses and two lengths. Ready for tiling.

As there is practically no limit on what the hard foam support element can provide, our customer wishes are more or less boundless.

We will be glad to put your planning into practice using DWG data (CAD, 2D, 3D). Please observe these rules.




Apart from the straight construction panel ELEMENT in eleven thicknesses, LUX ELEMENTS offers two pre-slit variants. Due to the slitting of these hard foam support elements at even spacings on one side, they can be easily bent and formed into a circular shape. Application fields are wherever the bending radius is sufficient and a simple rounding is to be achieved. For example when designing round partition walls, bathtub claddings or wall-mounted elements.

Where the slip hard foam support elements reach the end of their technical limits due to their thickness and bending radius, LUX ELEMENTS offers other product groups:

LUX ELEMENTS®-CONCEPT – the individual concepts Special models according to requirements, even for solid shapes, which are multi-dimensionally rounded.

LUX ELEMENTS®-DECO – the decorative elements e.g. concave trims, solid pillars and rounding elements for equipping, cladding of extending rooms, room corners and walls.

LUX ELEMENTS® Systemcomponents
The accessories for the quick and reliable processing of the LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam support elements: The proven and tested system components are fully adapted to the installation of our hard foam support elements. Specially developed adhesives and mortar, sealing tapes, mounting angles and dowels ensure troublefree working.

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