With straight panels - Shelf



Glue the wall fitting on with COL-PU or COL-AK (depending on the substrate), cut from residual material. Additionally fix with suitable dowels. Glue on top plate of ELEMENT-EL 100 with COL-PU, fix with FIX-SD 130.


Saw the font cladding to size from ELEMENT-EL 30 and provide with a cut-out.


Cut the shaped parts for the shelf, glue together with COL-MK and glue to the front cladding element.


Glue the finished front cladding with COL-PU to the cover plate, also the side plates from ELEMENT-EL 30. Additionally fix everything with FIX-SD 80.

TIP: Pre-pierce dowel holes using a cross slot screwdriver


Place shelf element side section from ELEMENT-EL 60 on the floor and mark the position of the shelves. Saw the shelves to size from ELEMENT-EL 100 and glue to the shelf element side section using COL-MK.


Also glue the second shelf element side section to the shelves with COL-MK.Additionally screw the side sections
and shelves together with FIX-SD 80.


A rear wall made of ELEMENT-EL 20 can be installed in the same way.


Erect the finished shelving, glue to the wall and washstand substructure. Reinforce all element joints with LUX ELEMENTS®-ARM system components, then level out the reinforced points with COL-AK.

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