Individual relaxation and distraction – RELAX

A bathroom or spa area can be equipped and extended with the RELAX products: From prefabricated relaxation loungers in different shapes, a bath tub building kit and design showers to practical extensions with niches, bench seats and thresholds for shower bases with a step.

Relaxation loungers


RELAX-RL are relaxation loungers comprising hard foam support material, optionally with or without heating in different design variants.

Bath tub building kits


Tileable bath tub building kits RELAX-BW including drainage technology.

Building kits for shower design variants


RELAX-RD and RELAX-SD are building kits for shower design variants.


RELAX-NI are niches.

Bench seats

RELAX-BA are bench seats for the shower area.

Partition walls

RELAX-TW are prefabricated shower partition wall elements.

Special manufacture

RELAX-PLUS are individually tailored and specially designed products for the spa and wellness sector.

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