Patented since 1981

A patent application was made in 1981 for the earth shattering invention of "the original – LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam support ELEMENT".

Benefits for the installer:

  • High stability due to embedded glass fibre fabric

  • excellent contact for cement-based tile adhesives and sealants due to mortar layer

First intended as a “simple” partition wall and construction panel, it soon developed into a designing multi-talent. In particular, the most versatile shapes can be directly cut from large-volume blocks of expanded foam (EPS).

The original can do!

A modern building material, that goes far beyond the conventional methods and opens up new possibilities for planner, designer, craftsman and industry. Whether as a construction panel, system element or special product, in bathroom or wellness system construction.

The structure of the original

1. Polystyrene hard-foam
2. Contact mortar layert
3. Glass-fibre fabric
4. Coating mortar layer

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