Multi-functional construction panel – ELEMENT-VK

Several functions in one product: ELEMENT-VK is a factory-sealed construction panel with vapour barrier properties, uniting all advantages of the universal construction panel ELEMENT-EL with those of a sealant.

Standard-compliant sealing for highly stressed areas according to DIN 18534, Part 6



Hard foam support element, fleece backed on one side

Also available in the handy „Baby“-format

Construction panel and sealing in one – the advantages

  • ELEMENT-VK is waterproof
  • The applied sealing membrane acts as a vapour barrier
  • A general appraisal certificate ensures a tested system with coordinated system components
  • Additional sealing is not required, thus saving time and costs.
  • No dropping below the minimum coating thickness (such as e.g. for liquid seals)
  • he fleece material is particularly alkali-resistant – providing high resistance in conjunction with cemented systems, hence ensuring a long service life of the product
  • The ELEMENT-VK is lightweight (e.g. ELEMENT-VK Baby 12 under 3.5 kg) and therefore easy to process
  • particularly resistant to bending and pressure-stable, therefore also suitable for floors


The structure





1. Sealing layer – waterproof, vapour barrier  
2. Contact mortar layer  
3. Glass-fibre fabric 
4. Contact mortar layer  
5. Polystyrene hard-foam 
6. Contact mortar layer 
7. Glass-fibre fabric 
8. Coating mortar layer

Application areas


In wet rooms where sealing or a vapour barrier is required.

  • on the wall
  • to laths
  • to framework

The processing

We additionally offer a range of matching system components (e.g. sealing tapes, inner and outer corners) for various application purposes for the multi-functional construction panel ELEMENT-VK. Just as the construction panel, these components have vapour-barring properties.

Product specifications

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