Individual, special manufacture for decorative elements – DECO-PLUS

DECO are decorative elements of hard foam support material with which products of LUX ELEMENTS as well as rooms, walls, corners etc. can be equipped, cladded or supplemented.


LUX ELEMENTS®-DECO-PLUS – Special manufacture

In addition to standard products, also individually tailored and specially manufactured products are available under the designation ‘PLUS‘.

Sizes, shapes, thicknesses etc., that deviate from standard features can be inquired from LUX ELEMENTS. After successful verification of implementation possibility at LUX ELEMENTS an appropriate offer will be prepared. Once an order is placed, it will be manufactured and delivered accordingly.

DECO-PLUS includes specially designed products for the spa and wellness sector. These are for example:

  • Partition walls
  • fountains also ice fountains
  • Decorative elements and Acessoires
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