Floor drain supports and accessories - TUB

In this floor drain system, different floor drain supports, vertical or horizontal can be combined with eight grate variants (including grate fitting frame).

Grate fitting frame:

  • Grate fitting frame for floor drain support DN 50 horizontal (TUB-BA-W):
    • with standard grate: TUB-RA-S
    • with design grate: TUB-RA-D...
    • with tileable cover: TUB-RA-DV
  • Can be shortened, universal height adjustment to the covering thickness

Drainage capacity in accordance with DIN EN 1253 [l /s]:
TUB-BA-W, standard odour trap DN 50 horizontal

  • with standard grate TUB-RA-S: 1,0 l/s
  • with design grate TUB-RA-DA: 1,1 l/s
  • with design grate TUB-RA-DC: 1,2 l/s
  • with design grate TUB-RA-DM: 1,2 l/s
  • with design grate TUB-RA-DL: 1,1 l/s
  • with design grate TUB-RA-DV: 1,3 l/s

Thickness of surface covering (tile and adhesive):

  • TUB-RA-S/DA/DC/DM/DL: for the shower tray: minimum 5 mm
  • TUB-RA-DV: for the shower tray: minimum 5 mm / for tileable cover: 8 mm

Please note: The installation of a hair trap (TUB-BAZ HS) can reduce the drainage capacity by up to 0.3 l/s. Further information see data sheet TUB.

Grate fitting frame with standard grate

Grate fitting frame made of ABS and standard stainless steel grate; universal height adjustment to suit tile thickness

Grate fitting frame with grooved structure: first groove for 5 mm mosaic covering, further grooves approx. every 3 mm


  • Removable hair trap: TUB-BAZ HS
  • Reducer, DN 50 to DN 40, with lip seal: TUB-BAZ DN 50/40
  • Adapter, DN 50 to British Standard: TUB-BAZ BST


TUB-BAZ DN 50/40


Product specifications

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